About Me

Hi, I am Weikai (Vica) Yang (杨维铠), a 3rd-year Ph.D. student in Software Engineering, Tsinghua University, advised by Prof. Shixia Liu. Prior to that, I was an undergraduate student at Tsinghua University, where I majored in Software Engineering(2015-2019) and minored in Statistics(2017-2019).
My research interests lie in integrating the Machine Learning into Visual Analytics, which can facilitate the understanding of large-scale data and make it easier for the practitioners to use the machine learning techniques.


Diagnosing Concept Drift with Visual Analytics

Weikai Yang*; Zhen Li*; Mengchen Liu; Yafeng Lu; Kelei Cao; Ross Maciejewski; Shixia Liu.

VASTIEEE Visualization Conference (VAST). 2020.

Interactive Steering of Hierarchical Clustering

Weikai Yang; Xiting Wang; Jie Lu; Wenwen Dou; Shixia Liu.

TVCGIEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics. 2020.

Selected Awards

  • 2019 Outstanding Undergraduate of Tsinghua University (2%)
  • 2019 Outstanding Undergraduate of Beijing (5%)
  • 2017 Qualcomm Scholarship
  • 2017 National Scholarship


  • 2021.10
    • Passed the Ph.D. qualifying exam.
  • 2021.09
    • Enrolled into School of Software, Tsinghua University as a Ph.D. student.
    • Advised by Prof. Shixia Liu.
  • 2020.09
    • Our paper “Concept Drift with Visual Analytics” is accepted by IEEE VAST 2020.
  • 2020.08
    • Our paper “A Survey of Visual Analytics Techniques for Machine Learning” is accepted by Springer CVM.
  • 2020.05
    • Our paper “Interactive Steering of Hierarchical Clustering” is accepted by IEEE TVCG.
  • 2019.08
    • Enrolled into School of Software, Tsinghua University as a master student.
    • Advised by Prof. Shixia Liu.
  • 2019.07
    • Graduated from Tsinghua University as a Bachelor in Engineering.
    • Bachelor thesis: Constrained Hierarchical Clustering and Interactive Steering Techniques.
  • 2018.02
    • Joined CG&CAD Lab, School of Software, Tsinghua University.
    • Started research about visual analytics.
    • Advised by Prof. Shixia Liu.
  • 2016.06
    • Transferred to School of Software, Tsinghua University.
  • 2015.09
    • Enrolled into Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University as a bachelor student.
  • 2012.09 - 2015.07
    • Highschool student at Affiliated High School of South China Normal University.